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The Best Hair Clippers For Men In 2020, So You Can Cut Your Hair At Home

With appointments at the barber impossible to book, take your hair into your own hands with our pick of the best hair trimmers, from Wahl, Phillips, Babyliss and more

best hair clippers

Barbers have finally reopened. Hurrah! However, actually booking yourself an appointment is another question entirely. In the first week that stylists and hairdressers were able to give haircuts again, some reported months-long waiting lists. There's also the question of how comfortable you actually feel hanging out somewhere that full of strangers and their stray hair. If barbicide was that effective, they'd use it in operating theatres.

im电竞官网-Fortunately, if you do need a haircut, there is still one haircut we can all have. Just reach for the clippers. Not just any old clippers, though. The best clippers to get the job done, and keep your dignity on the next Zoom conference call intact.

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What To Look For In A Set Of Hair Clippers

If you're going to cut your own hair, you need a tool designed for cutting the hair on your head. That means no making do with a beard trimmerim电竞官网-, or 'borrowing' your partner's bikini line trimmer (for innumerable reasons). The best men's clippers are designed to cut hair evenly and accurately, without leaving bushy patches or uneven sections. They'll generally have a larger cutting area, more robust blades and come with an array of guards – and, on the more expensive versions, an adjustment lever or dial – so you can trim to your desired length.

If you're not moonlighting as a barber, then steel blades should more than do the job (some pros prefer ceramic clippers as they're tougher, hold an edge for longer and stay cooler if you're using them for extended period). Whether you go cordless or not is a personal choice – if you travel, or like to walk around the house depositing hair as you go, then battery-powered clippers make sense – but most decent hair trimmers will perform as well whether they're plugged in or not.

Ultimately, the most important things to look out for when it comes to a good hair clipper is long battery life, a decent array of additional extras and clipper lengths, and the price. Everything else is sort of down to your own preference, but we will get more into that below.

The Best Hair Clippers For Men 2020

The options below are our favourites available right now, and will serve you well long after lockdown. Even if you've already got your first trim booked in as soon as barbers open, having a reliable hair trimmer tucked away in your bathroom cabinet is always a good idea, for tidying up baby hairs, keeping your fade tight between sessions in the chair, or for removing friends' eyebrows should they fall asleep in your house.

There's options available at every price and for whatever function you require, whether you're after cheap hair clippers that you'll bin once lockdown lifts, an all-in-one grooming tool that will do the job everywhere else you've got hair, too (and we mean everywhere) or the same clippers that the world's best barbers use. Because if you're going to cut your own hair, you should have a tool that's going to do the job properly.

Some of these clippers have very limited stock or longer expected delivery times, but we do update this page regularly to find even better deals or websites that can guarantee delivery more quickly, so make sure to check back to make sure you'll find the best clippers for you.

The Esquire Pick: Phillips 7000 Hair Clippers

Philips Series 7000 11-in-1 Clippers

Battery life: 100 minutes after one hour's charge

Corded/cordless: Both

Guards: im电竞官网-1mm-16mm (grades 0-5)

Accessories:im电竞官网- Nose and ear trimmers, cleaning brush, storage pouch

Worldwide voltage: Yes

You shouldn't be using a beard trimmer on your head – but you can use a set of clippers on your beard, if you get the right ones. Most are too bulky for edging or details, but comes with stubble and beard hair attachments, which will let you get a nice edge on your cheekbones, moustache and neckline.

It's no slouch higher up, either, thanks to self-sharpening blades and Philips' DualCut tech, which promises to blast through hair twice as fast as its competitors. You even get nose and ear hair attachments.

The Best Cheap Hair Clippers

Battery life: 180 minutes after a 90 minute charger

Corded/cordless: Cordless

Guards: 0.8mm-36mm (grades 0-10)

Accessories: im电竞官网-Detachable, rinseable blades for easy cleaning

Worldwide voltage: Yes

The crew cut is an Esquire-approved lid. But if this mass shearing, like your jigsaw puzzles and Fortnite tournament, is just a temporary lockdown stop gap, Yawenner's clippers are an ideal purchase that won't break the bank.

That's because they get the job done. No frills. No fuss. Just a quick fixer that's fully chargeable by USB, meaning you can top-up wherever there's a port: your iPhone charger, your laptop, even those shiny new additions to the back of bus seats (though maybe keep your grooming routine off public transport).

The Best All-In-One Hair Clippers

Braun 9-in-1 Hair Trimmer

Battery life: 100 minutes after one hour's charge

Corded/cordless: Both

Guards: im电竞官网-0.5mm-21mm (grades 0-7)

Accessories:im电竞官网- Nose and ear trimmers, detail trimmer, body hair trimmer, soft bag, cleaning brush, Gillette razor

Worldwide voltage: Yes

Designed to get rid of hair anywhere – seriously, anywhereBraun's 9-in-1 hair trimmers will have your as hairless as a triathlete, should that be the look you're after, courtesy of its lifetime-sharp blades and attachments that deal with body hair, beard hair and head hair. But it's not a blunt tool (arf arf) – with 13 length settings available, you'll be able to execute detailed haircuts, or just a lockdown buzzcut.

If you do fancy the cueball look, it comes with a Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide razor, to get a properly close shave. We'll let you decide where you use that one. But please do be careful.

The Best-Rated Hair Clippers

Hatteker Professional Hair Clipper Cordless Clippers Hair Trimmer Beard Shaver Detail Trimmer 3 in 1 Hair Cutting Kit for Men and Family Use Waterproof

Battery life: 2.5 hours after 90 minutes of charging

Corded/cordless: Both

Guards: 1mm-16mm (grades 0-5)

Accessories: Nose and ear trimmers, cleaning brush, storage pouch,

Worldwide voltage: Yes

im电竞官网-Amazon's best-selling clippers (and best-reviewed) are an all-in-one, head-to-toe hair solution that you can even use in the shower. The precision dial and turnable blade mean you can trim to your desired length without any bathroom yoga – handy if you don't have a willing accomplice to do the wispy bits on your neck – and the two-and-a-half-hour battery life means they're perfect for travelling. Once we can actually travel again.

The Best Quiet Hair Clippers

Super Quiet Cordless battery Electric Hair Cutting Machine RECHARGEABLE HAIR CLIPPER TRIMMER home Barber Clippers Set (GOLD)

Battery life: 60 minutes

Corded/cordless: Both

Guards:im电竞官网- 0.8mm - 10mm (grades 0-3)

Accessories:im电竞官网- Cleaning brush, scissors, oil, barber’s comb, blade guard

Worldwide voltage: No

If you want the gold standard, then you might want to go for this hair clipper that's literally gold. It has a specially designed set of razors that reduce irritation no matter where you shave or who you shave on, as it's safe to use on adults and children.

But the big selling point of this clipper is that it's deathly quiet, so you're not bugging yourself or anyone else with constant buzzing. This is great if your kids want to get involved, as they won't be terrified by the incoming vibrations of a clipper looking to slice their hair away.

The Best Package Deal Hair Clippers

Philips Series 5000 Beard and Stubble Trimmer / Hair Clipper (0.4 mm-10 mm) with Series 1000 Nose, Ear and Eyebrow Trimmer - BT5503/83

Battery life: 60 minutes

Corded/cordless: Both

Guards:im电竞官网- 0.4mm-10mm (20 lock-in settings)

Accessories: Nose trimmer

Worldwide voltage: No

There's no point in giving yourself a painstakingly perfect shave if you're going to let your pesky nose hairs run amok.

The Phlips Series 5000 is great product on its own – not only is it super adaptable, but its innovative Lift & Trim Pro system somehow lifts the hairs to the level of the self-sharpening blades to help you achieve a consistent shave. It's also waterproof, features a battery indicator and a adjustable zoom wheel.

But it's the handy Series 1000 nose, ear and eyebrow trimmer that sets it apart, helping you to cultivate a cleaner look for less.

The Best Pro Hair Clippers

Wahl Power Clipper

Battery life:im电竞官网- 120 minutes (or 12 minutes on 15-minute quick charge)

Corded/cordless: Cordless

Guards: 1.5mm-26mm (grades 0.5-8)

Accessories:im电竞官网- Travel pouch, cleaning brush, cape, scissors, oil, barber’s comb, blade guard

Worldwide voltage: No

When you're barber's busy at the back of your head tidying up all the baby hairs, odds are he's got a Wahl in his hand. The pro's choice, are bombproof and full of smart features like self-sharpening blades, extra-strong combs and an electric motor so powerful you'll swear you've got a Tesla roadster in your hand.

Do you need all that if you're just going to be shaving your head once a week? Possibly not. But you can guarantee that these hair clippers won't pack up mid-cut and leave you with half a shaved head.

The Best Hair Clippers For Fades

Braun Hair Clipper BT5260

Battery life: 100 minutes after one hour's charge

Corded/cordless: Both

Guards: 0.5mm-20mm (grades 0-7)

Accessories: Nose and ear trimmers, detail trimmer, body hair trimmer, soft bag, cleaning brush, Gillette razor

Worldwide voltage: Yes

First, a caveat – ask any barber and they'll tell you not to try a fade at home. However, after three months of not being to get a professional haircut, we've all either tried it, or are seriously considering it. If you fancy the challenge, Braun's beard and hair trimmer will ensure you're well armed, since they offer 39 different length settings in 0.5mm increments. That means if your hand does slip, it should at least be easy to undo your new undercut.

The Slickest Hair Clippers

No 622 Rechargeable Hair Clippers

Battery life: 60 minutes

Corded/cordless: Both

Guards: 0.8mm-36mm (grades 0-10)

Accessories:im电竞官网- Oil, cleaning brush, storage pouch, USB

Worldwide voltage: No

im电竞官网-With its graphite grey casing, titanium-coated blades and digital LED display, the Carrera 622 is a stylish, understated choice in a market beset by bulk and bad colour schemes.

im电竞官网-It comes with a pair of combs plus the ability to dial in more specific lengths using the integrated adjuster, which gives you enough flexibility for everything from all-overs to fades, and the razor sharp blades won't rust or tug. The round charging base () also guarantees that it'll look good on the sink.

The Precision Hair Clippers

Babyliss Men 12-in-1 Japanese Steel Ultimate Face and Body Multi Grooming Kit with Nose Trimmer Head and Body Groomer - 100% Waterproof

Battery life: 100 minutes

Corded/cordless: Both

Guards:im电竞官网- 0.8mm-14mm

Accessories:im电竞官网- Different heads and guides, storage pouch

Worldwide voltage: No

A 12-in-1 machine designed to deal with any hairy situation you throw at it. The extra heads and comb guides include a precision trimmer, a nose trimmer, a detail trimmer, a foil shaver and a body groomer, along with an assortment of others. Shaving isn't complicated, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't go the extra mile for the look you want.

The device is 100% waterproof and easy to clean, and the Japanese steel ensures that snags and rust won't be an issue. What's more, the powerful lithium-iron battery is fast-charging, meaning that a 20 minute charge can delivery 20 minutes of cordless power.

The Best Grooming Routine Hair Clippers

Wahl Beard Trimmer Men, Beard Care Kit Hair Trimmers for Men with Beard Oil and Beard Brush, Stubble Trimmer, Male Grooming Set

Battery life: 60 minutes

Corded/cordless: Both

Guards: 0.5mm-13mm

Accessories: Trimmer, beard brush, beard oil, moustache comb, oil, cleaning brush, 6 position combs, no 1 - 3 attachment combs

Worldwide voltage: No

An on-the-go shaving kit might not be your priority right now, but this is the perfect option for any man who wants to keep up their grooming routine while travelling. Oh, what's that? You don't have a grooming routine? There's no shame in that, just step this way.

Inside the Wahl-branded carry case you'll find a quality no-frills cordless trimmer, an assortment of cutting lengths and combs, a bottle of moisturising beard oil and a wooden handled brush with soft nylon/boar bristles to help groom your facial hair into place. Sorted.

The Shiniest Hair Clippers

Men Super Clipper 7475DU

Battery life: 85 minutes

Corded/cordless: Both

Guards: Grades 0.8 (left and right ear tapers)

Accessories: Taper guides for shaving around ears, hard storage case

Worldwide voltage: No

Sometimes, blowing out your budget on a solid set of hair clippers is the way to go to get the ultimate job done. might be on the expensive side, but they will give you that perfect face with just a bit of practice, and they do look a bit snazz, to be fair.

im电竞官网-You wouldn't be surprised to see these clippers in the barbers, with the lithium-ion battery system, pristine, Japanese blades, and a wealth of clipper sizes to suit your style.

It is best used plugged into the wall, but you can charge it up for 30 minutes and get another 30 minutes of use out of it, or keep it hooked up to the mains for 2 hours and get 85 minutes back.

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