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The Best Men's Signet Rings To Channel Your Inner Roman Emperor

Kiss the ring. All of them

best mens signet rings
Mr Porter, Wolf & Badger

Remember men's signet rings and all their usual connotations? Stuffy, posh, conservative and so on and so forth? Well, you can give such tired tropes the finger. For we don't use signet rings to seal correspondence with an engraved family crest. We don't ring fence them off for minor European aristocrats, either. These days, the best signet rings for men are for every man, and a cadre of brands are now onboard with the former country manor special.

And menswear just loves a good democratisation. Where sweatpants have elevated, and suits have simplified, the signet ring now runs the gamut of men's jewelleryim电竞官网- (as do the prices). There's big and mafioso and 'don't mess with me, kid'. There's quiet and subtle and round. Yes, there are still classic options too that run close to their original predecessor – but just with the added benefit of being fully buyable, as opposed to inheritable.

That means there's a choice for you too, all of which can be found in Esquire's edit of the very best signet rings for men below. Onwards!

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1 Goldsmiths
best mens signet rings

im电竞官网-There are logos and coins and signet rings that verge on Vegas loanshark. But it makes sense to start simple, as Goldsmiths has provided a blank canvas to engrave as you see fit, or leave well alone for a minimalist approach.

9ct Yellow Gold Signet Ring, £233,

2 Kaizarin
best mens signet rings
Wolf & Badger

Sound jewellery shouldn't cost the world. Nor should low(er) cost pieces cut on quality. Kaizarin, an up-and-coming brand that focuses on quieter pieces, is a perfect entry point into classic jewellery.

Signet Ring Sterling Silver, £112,

3 Fendi
best mens signet rings
Matches Fashion

Logomania ain't dead. Not even close. For Italian juggernaut Fendi has simply taken its iconic monogram to the jewellery line, a logo first designed by an ascendant Karl Lagerfeld in 1965, and one that looks just as good upon an index finger in 2020.

FF Signet Ring, £350,

4 Ambush
best mens signet rings
Mr Porter

im电竞官网-There's a reason big brands look to Tokyo for inspiration. That's because its collection of homegrown outfits are very good, which includes Ambush: a left-field unisex label with a Shibuya aesthetic at its heart.

Sterling Signet Ring, £282.50,

5 All Blues
best mens signet rings
Liberty London

im电竞官网-Forged in a third generation foundry in Stockholm, All Blues' pairs signature Scandi minimalism with slight left-fieldism; an asymmetric rim here, geometric carving there. Or, in this case, a curved edge signet ring with a working wax stamp seal.

Gold Vermeil Sigil Ring, £290,

6 Thomas Sabo
best mens signet rings

Thomas Sabo's 'Rebel At Heart' ring is actually a handsome stickler for the rules, with a simple signet ring that ticks all the hallmarks of a classic choice. It's a little oversized, sure, but the lack of a crest or detail keeps this choice in versatile waters.

Rebel At Heart Ring, £159,

7 Bottega Veneta
Bottega Veneta signet ring
Mr Porter

Or, for an even more undercover way to wear men's jewellery, there's Bottega Veneta's plain gold signet ring. At least you'll know if was made by one of Italy's best luxury brands – the Bottega branding sits on the inside, for some truly stealth logo love.

Gold-Plated Signet Ring, £440,

8 Ernest Jones
best mens signet rings
Ernest Jones

Mafia gold is riding high. But for all its excessive splendour, classic combinations – much like Ernest Jones's black and onyx duo – are just as effective in packing a quiet glint.

9ct Yellow Gold Onyx Signet Ring, £199,

9 Emanuele Bicocchi
best mens signet rings
Matches Fashion

im电竞官网-Silver medals don't always signal second place. With Emanuele Bicocchi, this Italian-made signet ring swerves anything too flashy for a quieter precious metal with a textured band.

Silver Octagonal Signet Ring, £175,

10 Tom Wood
best mens signet rings

im电竞官网-NIGHTMARES! DAYDREAMS! Yes, Tom Wood's signet ring is a paean to troubled sleeping patterns. But with this sterling-silver signet ring on the finger, you can rest safe in the knowledge that you're wearing something from one of men's jewellery's brightest new names. Just remember to try not to look at it right before you turn in.

Engraved Eye Signet Ring, £405,

11 Beaverbrooks

For that intricate engraving of your initials plus two stags fighting over a manor house in Oxfordshire, you'll need a sizeable canvas. Which is why a cushion signet ring – the sort with a swollen face, for extra details – is your best bet. It's big enough to add your birthdate and National Insurance number, too.

9ct Cushion Signet Ring, £595,

12 Maria Black

Danish designer Maria Black has long peddled left-field finishes for women. For men, she goes more subtle, and you can partake with a unisex sterling silver signet ring that's far simpler than its feminine counterparts.

Ready Heart Ring, £103,

13 Versace

Revived by the popularity of American Crime Story, channel Gianni himself with one huge exclamation point of a signet ring. Pair with a printed silk shirt and your best blue steel.

Medusa Ring, £240,

14 Phira London
Phira London

From London to your index finger by way of Ancient Egypt, Phira London's looted the Valley of the Kings to present you with this: a gold-plated signet ring complete with a pop of lapis lazuli. Complete with a crook, flail and general sense of royal entitlement.

Jamestown Lapis Lazuli Ring, £289,

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