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Go Big (And Wide) With Your Summer Trousers

It's time to retire those skinny jeans – for good

best mens wide leg trousers
Vogue Runway, Cos

We need to talk about wide-legged trousers (again). The industry has been something of a broken record on the rise of baggier bottoms for a while now, and as skinny jeans become the sole preserve of Love Island, it's high time that every man embraced a looser, loucher look.

For many of the men’s Spring / Summer 2020 collections, wider trousers were not hinted at, but the main attraction. Brands like Hermès, Balenciaga and Bottega Veneta channelled the shapes of the Eighties and Nineties, stopping at every point on the spectrum between 'free and breezy' and 'wind sock'. Think boot cut jeans, wide pleated trousers and cargo pants, with hems stacked on chunky trainers and sandals. Shirts hung untucked over waistbands and everyone was listening to Britney (maybe not that part). Jacquemus made us all crave a life in the lavender fields of Provence by taking the Nineties cargo trouser and giving it a pastel re-work, while Patrick Grant’s E Tautz followed suit with summery linen shirts tucked into pleated baggy trousers, worn with flowing trench coats.

Right now, looser pants are more than just a style choice. As we continue to stay at home (or wait, was it stay alert?) comfort and experimentation can go hand-in-hand. Or, rather, leg in leg. Wider trousers give you room to breathe as the temperature rises, as well as space to mix your look up, too – go cropped if you shudder at puddling ankle fabric, or longer for the overtly slouchy vibe. Tuck your t-shirt in to smarten up, or half-tuck your Oxford shirt in a move stolen from Dior's runway. Your choices are as wide open as the hems of your new favourite trousers. Here are our picks of the best wide and straight-leg trousers to buy right now.

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1 Bottega Veneta
best mens wide leg trousers

Zoom dates: are they a thing? Well if they are, we have your bottom half sorted. Finish the look with a plain navy or white t-shirt, tucked in. The rest of the date is up to you.

Wide High-Rise Cashmere-Flannel Trousers, £1470,

2 Prada
best mens wide leg trousers

im电竞官网-Prada and nylon go hand-in-hand. Introduced into its collections in the late Seventies, the brand has spent the decades since proving man-made doesn't mean mediocre. The technical nature of nylon, mixed with tailoring elements like the pleated front and cropped hems, make these trousers a must.

Logo Badge Cropped Nylon Trousers, £585,

3 Arket
best mens wide leg trousers

Perfect for the hotter days to come. Relax in these drawstring cotton and linen-blend trousers, and pair with sandals or your favourite sneakers for an easy go-to outfit.

Khaki Green Drawstring Cotton-Linen Trousers, £69,

4 Chimala
best mens wide leg trousers
Mr Porter

Jeans can be hot and heavy. But our love is strong, and we'll keep repping ours all summer. Cool down by opting for a wider, more flowing fit, then cut the hems, roll them up to fit or leave them to stack. Your call, trooper.

Wide-Leg Selvedge Denim Jeans, £570,

5 Cos
best mens wide leg trousers

Cos makes impeccably stylish basics, (no, not that sort of 'basic') so try these black cotton and elastane blend trousers as an easy way into the wide-leg trouser game.

Long Wide Leg Cotton Mix Trousers, £79,

6 Kapital
best mens wide leg trousers
Mr Porter

im电竞官网-Japanese brand Kapital takes garment craftsmanship very seriously, with some items from their collections taking up to 100 prototypes to perfect. These corduroy trousers were tie-dyed in Japan and have a slouchy, relaxed cut with an adjustable back tab to adjust the waist.

Ashbury Wide-Leg Tie-Dyed Cotton-Corduroy Trousers, £312,

7 Margaret Howell
best mens wide leg trousers
Mr Porter

im电竞官网-Go military with Margaret Howell's affordable MHL range. Built to last, these trousers are made from substantial cotton-drill, woven tightly for durability, with a straight cut and a pleated front.

Green Pleated Cotton-Drill Trousers, £225,

8 Burberry
best mens wide leg trousers
Mr Porter

You can trust Burberry's gabardine (that's because Mr Burberry invented it in 1879). And, while it's a fabric most common in trench coats, these utility style trousers prove it's a more versatile material than you might think.

Tan Cotton-Gabardine Trousers, £590,

9 Gucci
best mens wide leg trousers
Matches Fashion

There is nothing wrong with loungewear. In fact, it's never been more welcome. But try moving away from the 'just left the gym ' look and move towards the, 'I just dropped a sizeable portion of my income on a pair of Gucci tracksuit bottoms' look. Yes. Much better.

Web-Stripe Cotton Track Pants, £700,

10 Connolly
best mens wide leg trousers

If you are a man of practical needs, then these ripstop trousers will work perfectly. Part of a suit, they can either be worn on their own as slouchy chill-pants (I've just made that term up), or for a more formal affair, with the matching jacket. Two for the price of one. In a way.

Blue Ripstop Trousers, £280,

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