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Fashion Week Preview: Priya Ahluwalia

im电竞官网-As London Fashion Week Men's goes all-digital, key designers reveal how they've adapted to this strange new world

london fashion week mens   priya ahluwalia
LVMH, Laurence Ellis

The coronavirus has come for Fashion Week, but Fashion Week is unbowed. With the 2020 edition of LFWM going all-digital, the event's key designers talk us through how they've adapted to showing clothes in a world where showing clothes is (almost) impossible.

What’s been the biggest challenge with producing a lockdown fashion ‘show’?

I generally design in quite an analogue way, I do prefer sketching and collaging to using computer programmes, so I have just had to think of everything in a completely different way. I also think the human connection element in my work is really important so I love the hustle and bustle of a show, plus the energy in the room. This is something I was worried about losing doing a digital experience.

What’s been the biggest opportunity?

im电竞官网-Along with Laurence Ellis, I have been able to create a space to show Jalebi in that I would never be able to in real life. The use of 3D rendering opened up opportunities that would normally be completely over budget and actually just impossible. It's also allowed us to create a space that is viewed by countless people, rather than a select few.

london fashion week mens   priya ahluwalia
Jalebi Exhibition 2020
Laurence Ellis

What non-fashion skills have you picked up during lockdown?

I can now run 5k and I've been doing a serious amount of baking and cooking.

How have you seen London’s fashion community come together in the past few months?

There have been a lot of different ways, for example the who came together to help make much needed PPE, and there have been plenty of features about how to look after yourself and each other in this increasingly digital and isolated world. More recently, in tandem with the protests for the Black Lives Matter movement, I have been really blown away by all the creatives calling each other to genuinely discuss how everyone can do better and what actionable processes need to be implemented for genuine change.

Is this a watershed moment for the fashion industry?

I hope so, I think what has been interesting is that a lot of people, including myself, are feeling much braver about speaking out, so I do think certain issues especially in relation to true inclusion and diversity can no longer be ignored. I also think that the pandemic has highlighted to many brands the genuine need to slow down and not create so much product.

Favourite British designer at the moment?

Martine Rose, she is fearless whilst also being humorous.

london fashion week mens   priya ahluwalia
Jalebi Exhibition 2020
Laurence Ellis

What advice would you give to fashion graduates who want to set up a fashion business?

I would say that it is important to have a personal and unique point of view on clothing and design to bring to the table, really consider what you have to say that no one else does. This could be through unique concepts, exceptional fabrication or even very personal research starting points for example. I think it's also important to be realistic about the need for some business acumen: Excel, cash flow and shipping becomes really important, it's really necessary that you can get a hold on it.

Street style is impossible this year. That a good or a bad thing?

I think it's a good thing to stop people buying too much because of hype, and it also encourages people to look to themselves for inspiration.

What kind of role do you think a fashion show will play in five years?

im电竞官网-I think it will be less relevant in terms of actually business decisions and processes such as selling and buying. I definitely think this will all be much more digital. However, putting on a show and a creative experience where humans can connect is a part of the fun of fashion, so I think they will still be happening through immersive experiences and things like that. But I think the aim will be to create a unique brand experience, that allows people to feel a part of a "world". So not all shows will be runways, some could be performances or even shows with holograms.

london fashion week mens   priya ahluwalia
Jalebi Exhibition 2020
Laurence Ellis

In a money-and-physics-no-object world, talk us through your dream fashion show.

You can see my money-and-physics-no-object world through my 3D exhibition of Jalebi ;).

Who makes it onto the perfect frow?

im电竞官网-Donald Glover, Munroe Bergdof and Edward Enninful.

Jalebi is a 100-page book of photographs by Laurence Ellis, available from . All profits from Jalebi, along with photographic print sales, will be donated to the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust and to Southall Black Sisters.

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