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This Two-Move Workout Builds Bigger Arms And A Stronger Chest, Quick Sharp

im电竞官网-The only thing more impressive than this high-rep workout’s calorie burn? The upper-body pump – if you have the lung power to keep moving

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This workout is going to go fast, so get set and hold on. You're going to blast through 75 reps of two bodyweight exercises as fast as you can. The reps go down as you push through the workout, keeping you moving to ramp up your heart-rate and leave no muscle fibre unharmed in the quest for a visibly bigger – and functionally stronger – upper body.

"Perform 25 dips, followed by 20, then 15, 10 and a final round of five," says Men's Healthim电竞官网- fitness editor . "Rest as necessary, but finish all of the prescribed reps before moving on to the hand-release press-ups and repeating the same rep structure."

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1) Dip x 25, 20, 15, 10, 5 reps

Grab two parallel bars with your palms facing in and arms locked out (if you don't have any, then you can use a pair of chairs, placed back-to-back). Brace your core (A). Slowly (and that means slowly) lower until your elbows are at right angles (B), making sure they don’t flare out. The slower you go, the bigger the pump. Drive yourself back up to the top and repeat.

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2) Hand-Release Press-Upim电竞官网- x 25, 20, 15, 10, 5 reps

Assume a strong high-plank position with your wrists, elbows and shoulders stacked (A). As always, keep your core tensed for an extra abdominal hit. With a steady tempo, lower your body till you can’t lower any more. Lift both of your hands an inch from the ground, admire your living room floor (B)im电竞官网-, replace your hands, then push back up.

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