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Are You Tough Enough For Repton Boxing Gym's Brutal Bodyweight Finisher Workout?

im电竞官网-This punishing old-school boxing circuit is the stuff that champions are made of

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Adorning the wall at east London’s legendary for 50 years, the Fixed Load Circuit is the wringer that its fighters are put through post-workout. “That's afterim电竞官网- running, skipping, bag work, pad work, sparring etc,” explains , a title-winning product of Repton, now its vice-president and co-founder of the capital’s .

Technically a brutal finisher, the Repton Fixed Load Circuit is a legit standalone workout, says Pickard, and particularly hard on your legs, as you’ll notice. “Boxers never stop moving," says Pickard, "and punching power comes from the feet up.” It enhances the desired physical attributes of fitness, strength, explosiveness, agility, coordination and leanness – not to mention the psychological ones of “mental toughness and confidence.”

The Workout

Warm up, start a stopwatch and perform 20 reps of each of the following exercises, then 15, then 10, then 5. Keep the “quality” but don’t take any breaks (if you can help it). Either way, the time doesn’t stop until you’re finished – and you will be. Under 20 minutes is good. Sub-15 is very good. Pickard has clocked up 12:35 in lockdown. Looking to beat 10 is “fighting fit”. Too tough? Reduce the reps or start with the round of 15 until you’re ready to rumble.

Burpee (without a jump)


im电竞官网-At least you don’t have to go chest to floor, or jump – yet. Squat down and place your hands on the ground, shoot your legs back and in, then drive back up to standing.


press up

im电竞官网-Chest (nearly) to floor.

Trunk curl

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im电竞官网-A sit-up with a twist. Lie down with your legs bent, heels on the ground. Hands at your temples, sit up and touch your left elbow to your right knee. Lower and repeat on the other side.

Burpee (with a jump)


Also as the name suggests, the same as the burpee before. But instead of driving up to stand, jump with straight legs. Land and go straight into your next rep.

Dorsal raise

im电竞官网-Lie on your front with your hands at your temples. Lift your upper and lower body off the ground at the same time, then lower.

Tuck jump

Stand with feet together and jump as high as you can while tucking your knees into your chest. Land and go straight into your next rep.

Press-up bounce

This time, press up explosively so your hands come off the ground. Put them back before you land.

Squat jump

im电竞官网-Stand with feet shoulder width apart and lower yourself into a squat, hands clasped in front of you. Drive up into a jump, arms behind you, then land and go straight into your next rep.


A trunk curl without a twist. Lie down with your knees bent, feet flat on the ground, hands at your temples. Sit up to touch your elbows to your knees, then lower.

Pike jump

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im电竞官网-Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and jump with your legs straight, folding your body in half and reaching for your toes. Land and go straight into the next rep – then round.

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