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The Best Massage Guns Of 2020

im电竞官网-From the Theragun range to budget alternatives

massage guns

You want – nay, need – a massage. You've spent the past few months either perched on a dining chair or supine on your sofa, and it hasn't done your back/neck/wellbeing any favours. Ditto your decision to jump spine-first into bodyweight exercises.

Problem is, the idea of sharing a small room with a touchy-feely stranger right now fills you with understandable dread. No amount of Enya or incense would allow you to relax. Plus, there's the small matter that it's currently illegal. That's why we've rounded up our favourite percussive massage guns on the market; deep soft tissue manipulators that help recovery, decrease soreness, improve circulation, address posture issues and help you get more out of your muscles. They're also pretty enjoyable, too.

Check them out below, from budget options to top-of-the-range athletics tools.

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1 Theragun Mini

im电竞官网-The Theragun range is great, but wallet-friendly? Not until the Mini arrived this year. It doesn't link up to the app and it's nowhere near as multi-faceted or ergonomic as the company's pricier options, but it still packs a (pleasant) punch. The three power settings range up to 2,400 percussions per minute, it's surprisingly light and quiet, and it boasts a 150-minute battery life. A great starter model.

Theragun Mini, £175

2 RENPHO Hand Held Deep Tissue Massager

The cheapest option, but one that many professionals swear by (we first found out about it thanks to popular YouTube physiotherapists ). It doesn't reach the speeds that other options on this list do, and the five interchangeable heads are made from hard plastic rather than rubber, but it still does a good job on aching muscles. Just make sure you watch videos for advice on proper technique, and don't just let it ravage your calf muscle for half an hour (we say that from experience.) Cordless, once charged it can provide over two hours of service. It's not too noisy, either.

RENPHO Hand Held Deep Tissue Massager, £29.74

3 Theragun Pro

The big dog. Alpha papa. Professional deep muscle treatment favoured by the pros and the experts who keep them in tip-top condition. The OLED screen provides details on speed, all of which links up with the smart app to create a totally personalised experience (the app itself works in conjunction with other health apps to provide a bigger picture analysis). The arm rotates and pummels you muscles with up to 60lbs of force without waking your neighbours, or even a nearby fly, up from their slumber (for up to 300 minutes with one charge). The Supersoft head, one of six included, is also great for sensitive areas of your body that require a gentler approach.

Theragun Pro, £549

4 RecovaPro

Matte pink and neon green wouldn't be our ideal colour scheme for anything, but the sturdy and dependable RecovaPro has overcome that handicap to earn fans all over the world. Five speeds and five heads provide a properly satisfying deep massage and, while it's not exactly cheap, it's a great transportable alternative to the Theragun range. Handy carry case, too.

RecovaPro, £225

5 Power Plate Pulse
power plate pulse

im电竞官网-Power Plate has previous when it comes to wobbly, vibration-orientated sports tech. The company created a series of muscle-activating balance boards, and now they've made the obvious transition to massage guns. This one is ultra portable and can be charged for up to 5 hours of power, making it perfect for gym trips.

Power Plate Pulse, £299.95

6 Theragun Prime

im电竞官网-The Theragun Pro, pricey as it is, was given that name for a reason. It's favoured by experts and sports staff, but your average gym-goer needn't splash out that much money. The Theragun Prime is almost identical, but provides five power settings with around half as much force, four attachments and a more than respectable 120 minutes of battery life. It connects to the same app and, at half the price, will still leave a big impact.

Theragun Prime, £275

7 MuscleGun Carbon
muscle gun
Muscle Gun

Possible the lightest of the bunch (bar the Mini), the slick Carbon boasts a 90-day money back guarantee and a two-year warranty – perfect for those of us who just want to test the waters (note: don't put it in water). It's a proper all-rounder, featuring four heads, five speed settings and 44lbs of force at a reasonable price, which makes it one of the best deals currently available on the market.

MuscleGun Carbon, £206.99


It kind of looks like a ray gun, and while we usually prefer our massage tools to look less terrifying, the HOPOSO has rave reviews. That's probably down to the price: under £100 for a model that features an LED touch screen, a carry case, up to six hours of battery life and thirty (thirty!) different speeds. There are also six heads, some rubber, some hard plastic, for all manner of treatments.

HOPOSO, £99.99

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